Who can benefit?

Operators of trucks (e. g. forklifts), lifting equipment, hydraulic ramps, cranes, overhead cranes, cranes, road equipment, construction machinery, etc.

PRICE: 100 PLN gross (we issue an invoice)
DURATION: about 40-45 minutes.

Running of the test

Written part – test

Completing tests to determine:
– perceptiveness,
– logical thinking skills,
– the ability to concentrate, focus and divide attention,
– personality traits,
– how to deal with stressful situations.

Apparatus part

The tasks performed on the psychological apparatus make it possible to determine psychomotor efficiency, i. e:
– the speed of response to stimuli,
– eye-hand coordination.

Short interview

The psychologist will interview you about your driving experience, any accidents, past medical history, problems and disorders.

Questions and answers